St. Johns Church was the first church built in Deer Park Ohio.
September 27th 1891

The pictures were taken in 2001 with my new 2 MP Camera.

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stjohns-cornerstone.JPG (205559 bytes)
The corner stone

St Johns the Evangelist Church and School Pictures 2002

stjohns-06-2002.JPG (104644 bytes)
Front of the School

stjohnschurch-2002-front.JPG (183871 bytes)
St. John the Evangelist Church Front

stjohns-2002-door.JPG (222042 bytes)
The school front door entrance

stjohns-cornerstone2.JPG (260776 bytes)
The corner stone in the garden. 

stjohns-garden2.JPG (276832 bytes)
St. Johns Gardens

stjohns-garden.JPG (237378 bytes)
St. Johns Gardens

stjohnschurch-2002-front-westview.JPG (152640 bytes)
St. Johns Front West View

stjohns-rect.JPG (195946 bytes)
St. Johns Church Rectory

stjohnschurch-front.JPG (170956 bytes)
St. Johns Church Bell Tower

St Johns Church has a nice web site to go to the site click here.

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